College Basketball Players Should Be Paid

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Along with college football, college basketball, particularly division I basketball, is one of the main sports that many people enjoy watching. During the month of March division I basketball has a huge men’s tournament called March Madness. March Madness brought in $701 million this past season (Hruby 1). Where does all of that money go if the athletes do not receive any of it? That is an enormous amount of revenue that division I basketball players alone brought in just for one year. Should division I basketball players receive pay for their “works” on the court? College basketball players are students and not professional athletes. College basketball players also get scholarships, so why should they get non-educational pay as well (“College Athletes” 2)? This extra pay seems unfair for other students. However, not only do college basketball players have to focus on their grades and academics, which is a full-time commitment, but they also have to focus on basketball—another full-time commitment. If the college basketball player does not perform well in either of these areas they could lose their scholarship money because it can easily be taken away (Cooper 4). Division I basketball players should be “paid” and treated equal as other students.
While they have people that believe division I basketball players should be paid; there are some people that believe that division one college athlete should not be paid. Ava Cambio, from Matlacha, Florida, believe that if
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