College Beer Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy
Situating is a crucial piece of propelling your item and organization in the business sector. Situating makes a picture of your organization's item in the psyche of your objective client. It can be characterized as a trait or condition connected with your item. College brewery will position itself as far better place to chill for people living around the city of Vancouver.
Target Market
The micro brewing industry is a facet of the beer industry that has grown over the past few years and continues to show strong growth. Since there is a continuous growth in the population of students, college brewery will be targeting them. Target market for our business would be students and millennials. These are kind of people who like to try new things. We will probably be
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Beer is produced and consumed on a large scale throughout the state. Considering the past, a brewery is not only successful by just producing good beer but also providing exciting services. Along with brewing good beer college brewery would be providing excellent services to its customers that would differentiate us from other local breweries. Our brewery would be holding a pub within where customers will experience how the beer in their mug is being made.
As the brewery business is prevailing in the market from a long time, there are many big breweries which attract many customers. Throughout the year a brewery is in business because people just want to have a good beer. For the start College brewery will adapt penetration pricing strategy. Penetration pricing includes setting the price low with the goals of attracting customers and gaining market share. The price will be raised later once this market share is gained.

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