College Better Give Me One Of The Best Experiences Of My Life

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College better give me one of the best experiences of my life. Choosing a college and trying to decide where to go is very stressful and exciting at the same time. I think college will give me the opportunity to meet new people and have more freedom, but the classes will be very challenging. Ohio Northern and Findlay both have strong academics and a great reputation. Also, both of them have positives and negatives such as the activities and studies. Even though both are very similar, the University of Findlay has my major and other great qualities I am looking for.
When looking at Ohio Northern and Findlay’s studies they both offer a lot, but Findlay has what I need. The University of Findlay has occupational therapy, which is the career
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There are many different events held on the campus and the events are a way to meet people. There are entertainment events being held such as comedy, New York Times Best-Selling Author comes, christmas parties, and a ton more (“Header2 About”). Findlay does have intramural sports that include basketball, kickball, sand-volleyball, tennis, soccer, dodgeball, and much more. The UF offers more than 100 clubs, from professional organizations to community service and career-focused groups, to fraternities and sororities (“Header2 About”). A few of the organizations include: Black Student Union, Teachers of Tomorrow, Campus Program Board, Service learning organizations, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (“Header2 About”). There are also performing art programs which include music and theatre. I know I will never be bored at Findlay with all the clubs and organizations the university has to offer.
When deciding where I want to go to college, cost is a major factor. Findlay and ONU are pricier schools, but they have scholarship money to make up for it. The tuition and fee cost at Findlay is around $30,233 (“Header2 About”). The housing and meal plan combined is about $9,258 (“Header2 About”). The total cost is around $39,491. If I end up at Findlay, I would more than likely commute since it will cost less. Findlay
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