College Budget Worksheet

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For my budget Worksheet I included everything that me and my family do that I will probably carry on in college. Income, I put $370 a month because at this point in time i have a job that pays every two weeks and its usually about $185 if you get enough hours, so monthly its approximately $370. $370 a month is about $4440 a year. With $4440 a year it may seem difficult to live, but in my current situation I know the major expenses I will have, thanks to the fact of I love planning ahead.

Loans and debts,I do plan on renting an apartment which if all goes well will be split among me and my roommates, which would come to a total of about $150 a month. This doesnt seem too bad that still leave $220 for the rest of the expenses. I also accounted for student loan which monthly would be $40, annually would be about $480. Annually the loans and debts would be about $2280. Utilities, I put as none seeing as how i will be renting and the apartments I've looked at here usually cover utilities in rent.
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Annually it would be about $480. I plan on putting $25 towards an emergency fun every month in case something happens that would be $300 a year creating an OK emergency fund. College saving I plan on putting $20 towards monthly because I know i will be in college for a few years to achieve my job. Groceries i put down $30 a month because I dont eat much due to the fact that I'm sick and also vegetarian. A lot of foods dont appeal to me so i wont be spending big money on steaks and other meats which I know from my families spending can be pretty expensive depending where you live and sales. Plus with roommates The groceries cost can be cut down by all pitching in for
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