College Campus Dieting

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Healthier Dieting on ASU’S campus There is a large problem with nutritious diets for college students worldwide. The reason for this is the lack of healthy options in college dining halls. No matter how hard students try to keep a healthy, nutritious diet they almost always end up collecting unhealthy eating habits throughout the school year. The limited healthy food on college campuses is affecting students negatively around the globe. I have heard of this happening at many colleges around the country but here at Arizona State University it affects me personally and I see it affect many of my fellow classmates, there needs to be something done to fix it. The limited selection of healthy food on college campuses makes it hard for students…show more content…
For starters the obvious thing to do is instead of limiting the selection of healthy food limit the opposite, the selection of unhealthy food. In the dining hall the stations that currently serve burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and pizza and use them to make healthier alternatives. Where the burgers are made there are already grills so they could cook pork chops, grilled chicken, and on occasion steak and make this the only thing served from this section so that the cooks are focused on preparing these cuts of meat properly for the students. In the station where the pizza is made there is an oven so instead of pizza there could be pasta, and casserole for a healthy serving of carbs and fat. For the sandwich section add more healthy ingredients and keep them available for students, instead of toasting the sandwiches with oil and a pennine press use an oven and put the vegetables on the sandwich after toasting. For the fruits and salads provide a better selection of fruits, lettuce, and salad toppings. Also for the salad bar instead of the fattening salad dressings like ranch and thousand island provide vinaigrette and other oil based dressings. After doing this most of the dining hall is healthy and nutritious food and some people may want something unhealthy every once in awhile, for this the school should…show more content…
With all students at Arizona State University eating a Healthy and nutritious diet it could make Arizona State the healthiest campus in the country if not the world. Being the healthiest college campus would be another great thing Arizona State University could advertize and it would most likely have a larger draw than expected. In changing the food selection here at Arizona State it benefits the student body as a whole and also the
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