College Campus Parking Problem

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Nowadays, I have noticed that there are more and more vehicles park in the campus. And this leads to a shortage of campus parking capacity. Because sometimes students and employees have no enough parking areas, it is pretty inconvenient for them to park on the campus.
The reason of this problem is that more and more students and employees own cars. Along with people living standard enhancement, the increasing number of students and employees not just live around the campus. They also tend to choose their residences in places outside the campus. As a result of this change, the number of private cars owned by them is increasing rapidly. In addition, the communication between universities and communities has become much closer than before. So
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The sources that I include are very credible because the authors of them are famous and most of those articles published in professional journals.
There are no better ways to solve parking problems on the campus except adding parking areas and lower the parking price. To do so would require that suppliers give up the revenue that the current system affords. An action that is unlikely to occur without the intervention of the legislatures. Until the cost of maintaining the current system of parking exceeds the benefit that universities receive from it (in monopoly profits), administrators will have no incentive to institute reforms that more competitive institutions routinely follow.
So, “colleges and universities must learn to act responsibly not only because it is right to be responsible, but also because it is in their self-interest” (Orr, 1992, p. 5). Firstly, because of the increasing number of cars are parking on the campus, then more and more spaces are required. It is ineluctable that college should build enough parking for students and employees. Secondly, because it is impossible that the parking suppliers relinquish their monopoly control. In order to take care of students and employees, the college should lower the price of parking. Finally, building more parking on the campus and lower the price of parking can help university recruit and retain students. Summing up, those two methods that I suggest are the best way to solve parking problems in the
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