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College Campuses Safety and Shootings, Are We Secure While Learning

Nadia Clark

Troy University

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Date rapes, hate crimes and theft have become an apparent concern on college campuses. The most disturbing crime on a college campus is a school shooting. Being a victim of any crime is the last thing any student or parent thinks of when choosing a college or university. The possibilities of danger on a college campus have been increasing over the years due to the reported crimes ranging from theft to murder. Because of the recent years of college campus reported shootings, both student and parent have become alarmingly concerned about
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It is my opinion that the lack of security and warning signs overlooked by administration is the chief problem as to how these crimes take place on campuses. Did campus security and school the administrations do enough to keep the students safe? Did fellow classmates and faculty members ignore warning signs of both Whitman and Seung-Hui? And what security changes have been implemented in the event of another unforeseen shooting? Since the Virginia Tech shootings, school campuses across America have repeatedly discussed campus safety ideas such as emergency responses and communications. Many colleges and universities have increased their security officers on campuses while also trying high tech security options (Saavedra). One of the high tech security measures many colleges are interested in using to alert their students is the mass text-message alerts in case of an emergency. This is a notification system that sends text message to students on their cell phones during a shooting, earthquake, bomb scare, or any other emergencies (Saavedra). Although this sounds like a very good security idea, most colleges don’t have the money or resources to make this idea happen which means they are having to resort to just adding security officers to ride around campus on bicycles with loud speakers to spread the message during emergencies (Saavedra). Even though schools have
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