College Campus Shootings Can Happen And Gary Pavela And James Alan Fox

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As students embark on the journey that is college many new obstacles are bound to come their way, but yet, safety and security should never be the reason for fear in a student. It is becoming more clear that college campus shootings can happen and Gary Pavela and James Alan Fox have outlined the reasons why previous shootings have caused problems within college administration in modern times. Due to research on capmus shootings college administration has increased their safety measures in the wrong ways. College campuses have hindered the well-being of students then and now because administrative teams are attempting to make safety their first priority, , but in turn actually enlisting fear into student’s minds. Gary Pavela, who specializes in at risk students and the Virginia Tech shootings analyzed the challenges that come along with trying to keep college campuses safe. One of the main points he brings up is the idea of "student profiling." It has become more normal for administrators to profile students before and during their stay on campus. Pavela discussed in his article, “Colleges Won’t Help Students by Fearing Them,” of a conference he attended where a professor blatantly talked about how she dismissed a student because he/she was “different” and other students did not feel safe around them. There is a certain procedure that goes into the dismissal of a student. “Colleges are required to determine the nature, duration and severity of the risk; the probability

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