College Campus: The Case Of Belmon Belmont University

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A college campus is a place suggested by our third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, to be an academical village. Some may then wonder, well, what does that mean? It means that a college campus should not just be a place youths go from morning till noon to learn and then go on their merry way like they have become accustom to in their previous academic years. Rather, it means a campus should be their home. It should be their shelter and their playpen. A place where they can do everything they desire from when they open their eyes in the morning to when they close them at night. Everything we know to be considered traditional about a college campus came from the ideas Jefferson himself had. Ideas consisting of having, “small and separate lodges for each separate professorship…the whole of these arranged around an open square of grass & trees would make it, what it should be in fact, an academical village…”. Pretty much as basic as it comes- several large buildings surrounding an open field in the middle- some may be familiar with this setup being referred to as, ‘the quad’.…show more content…
It has grown tremendously over the past several years with new buildings and remodelings. Now, where most consider the heart of the campus to be is a place that is large enough to be a football field, yet a football team is the one thing this university is missing. This long stretch of nature is busy all hours of the day and is a commonplace of community that brings students together. Almost any time you walk past it you will be able to hear music from students playing their instruments or the laughter and chatter of friends lounging or playing
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