College Can Be For Everyone

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Spiritual Success College can be for everyone. Who would not appreciate a diploma that recognizes the commitment to at least four years of higher education? Whether one seeks an occupation, financial stability, or personal growth, a college education serves numerous benefits. As methods of education continue to evolve, pushing many over the top while leaving some behind, education is a human right we must not neglect to practice. Matt Price’s Article College isn’t for everyone -- No, Really discusses youths trend of attending college for the wrong reasons such as money and to conform to social norms. Price talks about an encounter he had with a young man reporting that “$11 an hour -- good money for an 18- year-old.” Although eleven dollars an hour may not be a bad starting point for a single eighteen year old, it is surely not enough to support a family with when the time comes. In addition, having no expertise or credentials will decrease the likelihood of a raise or promotion. The theory that some are “books smart” and others are “street smart” is outdated. One of my favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela states “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and unfortunately ideas, creativity, and the pursuit of happiness are limited on an hourly pay of eleven dollars. Higher education through college is a respectable way to change the route of your life, whether a student has a record of academic excellence or simply seeks personal growth

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