College Career Readiness

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Based on my Naviance research, college and career readiness for me, aiming towards a future in physical therapy, means that I need excellent people skills, including social perceptiveness and service orientation, and remarkable learning skills, such as critical thinking and the ability to collect research. According to The Council of Chief State School Officers, communication, problem formulation, research, interpretation are the four key aspects to college and career readiness. People skills, which reflect communication and interpretation, are especially important in physical therapy because communicating with patients and evaluating their needs are the fundamental principles of the job. defines social perceptiveness as being aware of others' reactions and…show more content…
Critical thinking skills and the ability to collect and analyze research are necessary in college and career readiness because they will help with projects and jobs later on in my life. Problem formulation and critical thinking will help me solve problems by finding effective solutions, whether it be in college or in my future career. In college, problems with roommates, classmates, dorm situations, classes, and projects can arise, and critical thinking and problem formulation can help find a solution to them. The ability to collect and evaluate research, therefore, are important components of college and career readiness because they will prepare me from conducting and interpreting research in college and my career. In college, papers require an extensive amount of research for various classes, and a career in physical therapy will also demand research of the body and different medical treatments. College and career readiness, based on Naviance research, requires me, as a future physical therapist, to have exceptional people skills, involving service orientation and social perceptiveness, and outstanding academic skills, such as the aptness of collecting research and critical
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