College Classes Expand the Mind

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After my early 9:00 a.m. Philosophy recitation I headed towards the elevators to head back down to the first floor. I slowly drug my sleep-deprived body to the 10A bus that took me to my dormitory hall up the hill. Once I finally arrived at my room, I sat down at my desk to start on my schoolwork that would surely take hours to complete. Looking into my pages of notes, I started to question myself on why I am doing all of this repetitive, seemingly unnecessary work. My homework consisted of Calculus problems that required me to find the derivative of extremely long functions, and I realized I am not benefiting anything from completing these tedious equations. Some of the answers to the problems required a whole page to write the answer…show more content…
Or is my path strictly limited to the careers that are related to the classes in which I succeed? It seems that my “endless” career possibilities are suddenly narrowed down drastically when you look at how I performed in certain courses in the past. This indication of my uncertain, almost predetermined future makes it difficult to set goals that will help me achieve a career that best suits me. It is very challenging to set goals for myself if I do not know the direction I am striving for. Some of the previous goals I have set for myself include the basic ones: getting good grades, getting into college, and not getting into any type of trouble. However, the only thing that these goals will help accomplish is to give myself more options to choose from. For example, getting good grades in high school allowed me to have many options in choosing the college that was right for me. However, if my future is predetermined, what good is having all of these options to choose from? In the end, I will ultimately pick only one of the options and never know what the options could have been like. This way of thinking makes it extremely difficult to spend hours completing math equations I know I will never see outside of a Calculus textbook. However, if I had not gotten good grades in high school I would not be at the University of Pittsburgh right now. So this “predetermined” future that many philosophers believe to exist
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