College Conspiracy Documentary Report Essay

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Reading Report 3 Student Name: Haochen Ye (Joe) Date: 2013/11/19 Instructor’s Name: Justine Jun * Outline Introduction: Kids in U.S. are taught to believe the process: good at high school, then a good college, then a good job, career, which is the American dream Main idea 1: The tuition of college is so high but there is no pay back and no job guarantee Main idea 2: The United State government is making a college bubble that student can borrow money so easy to pay tuition. However, make the tuition even higher. Main idea 3: Students can not pay the loan which led to bad debt and endanger all holders of U.S. dollars. Main idea 4: College is worthless. It does not provide a higher opportunity or higher quality job.…show more content…
The study shows that the number of students who enroll in college is so large that college degree become meaningless because everyone has it. Also, graduated from college does not provide the students any benefit to get a good job and basically waste years. In some way, invest the money which is about to pay the tuition is better than pay the tuition and go to college. Moreover, there is few student who go to college to study how to grow or manufacture, which will make the product of United State increase skyrocket and lose its manufacture bases. In result, it will destroy the role of world’s reserve currency to U.S. dollar. * Commentary In the documentary College Conspiracy, it talked about the reality of the United States’ education business which provides nothing useful to learn but just a degree that is worthless. The number of students who graduated from college is so large that the degree become meaningless and does not provide a job guarantee at all. Moreover, this situation will not just affect those students, because there is so much money have been spent on those students, when they can not pay back, the huge bad debt will impact everyone holding U.S. dollar. In my personal angle, I think we can refer that the government may be the cause of the education business issue. In fact, government intervention is the main cause because it is government intervention that provides the slack tuition-borrow policy and
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