College Debt Barriers

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Barriers Caused by Cost and Debt of College Tuition All over the United States, young adults are planning their future and preparing themselves for college. College is the next level education that the majority of the high school population thrive for. Yet two things are always a factor in the decisions made, which is cost and debt. These two things have become two of the most common reasons many students either drop out, or don’t attend a public university at all. According to Imagine America Foundation, the cost of college and the debt it can leave behind are two of the top 5 reasons people don’t go to college. With that being said, these two factors have become a problem to students as well their families. These problems need to be fixed for the community and by the community. The will have to work together…show more content…
To most people, it is the only way to becoming successful in life. To others, it is the only way to expand on their success. If college has become a necessity, then why is it that for nearly a half a century college has become more and more out of reach? The main problem that causes financial fear is being poorly informed about financial aid. Being poorly informed leads to students and families holding back from choosing schools, being too afraid of the debt to come. “Students in part make college-related decisions based on their perceptions of financial aid availability students in part make” (“Challenges”). Not knowing can greatly discourage a student and alter their mindset of choosing colleges in a negative way. Ultimately not knowing can cause the student to completely exclude college out of the picture. . Even when the student is aware of financial aid, they’ll have no knowledge of accessing or applying for any of it. Even if they did, it is still possible that they may not qualify. Due to the fact that they not be good enough or they didn’t have the right resources. Not everyone gets the same
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