College Debt Vs College Experience

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College Debt vs The College Experience
Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life. That is, of course, if someone is going to college. For me, I’m using my last year of high school to come to the conclusion of where I want to attend college. There are plenty of college options, but I have narrowed it to two colleges I would like to attend: Owens Community College and Bowling Green State University. Owens and Bowling Green are both great options for me, but I believe I would have a better time and experience if I went to Bowling Green because there are many activities and extracurriculars that I could be in.
In all reality, Owens, financially, would be the best option for me. It is way cheaper, and a lot
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At BGSU, it is about $4,548 for 12-18 credit hours for just one semester (“Cost Summary”). That means Bowling Green is about $1,800 more per semester than Owens. It is not honestly that much more, tuition wise, but since BGSU is about 30 minutes away (“Google Maps”), it would be smart and easier to live on campus, which is another expense that Owens does not have. Living on campus is about $5,450 a year, which is about the same as tuition for one semester (“Cost Summary”). Also, if i lived in a dorm on campus it would be convenient to have a meal plan and that alone costs $1,620- $2,093 per semester (“Cost Summary”). However, after I applied to Bowling Green, I received a letter saying that I was granted $5,000 annually towards tuition because of their freshman academic scholarship, which is a benefit Owens does not have. Because of this, tuition would be only about $5,000 the whole year, making campus living cost the same as tuition. This scholarship is very helpful, but in the end Owens is still cheaper because I would live at home. However, price is only somewhat important to me compared to my experience. If I am not having a nice time with good friends, I would spend more money to make it happen. Bowling Green gives me a better opportunity to make new friends and to do the major I like while having a wonderful time. I also like that I won’t have to…show more content…
Bowling Green gives me the opportunity to enjoy my years at college while receiving an excellent education. It has my major, and lots of things to do when I don't have class. Owens is a lovely school, but it’s not the one for me. Bowling Green will make me happy while not spending way too much. I’m very excited that I have already been accepted to BGSU and I can’t wait to attend my first year at college as a
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