College Dorm

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Evolution and Philosophy of the College Dorm
College dorm is a housing option for students for the period of their studying at a college or university.
What is a College Dorm College Dorm
Higher education quite often means moving to another city. Which brings a very reasonable question on accommodation. While a lot of housing options are available nowadays, here we will talk about the most typical for students one – college or university dormitory, which is usually a building situated on a school campus where students can live for the period of their studies. Many educational establishments call their "dormitories" “residence halls”, though “dorm” is very widely used as well and have no negative connotation.
History of College Dorms
The first schools were arranged around the big libraries and old dorms were aimed to separate students from the seductions and distractions of outer world and provide a possibility to focus exclusively on the process of learning.
Strict Rules and Requirements
During the last century residents of students’ dorms had to follow quite strict rules and regulations. The majority of schools had a very strict dress code, hairstyle and their students had a very strict day regimen which might include obligatory sport activities and
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Higher costs imply higher quality. The days of the austerities of students’ life have gone. Let`s peep into the dorm at the University of Arizona, which is probably one of the most luxurious students housing. So, what can you get in a dorm if you can afford living large? It is actually easier to tell what you cannot. The hub in Arizona for example is offering spectacular rooms with private baths and fully equipped kitchens. The hall is equipped with gym, fitness amenities, meeting rooms and spa with a sauna, steam room and tanning beds. Outside, there is a rooftop infinity pool, hammocks and a sand volleyball
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