College : Dorm Or Apartment

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College Residence: Dorm or Apartment In recent years the cost of college has skyrocketed. During the school year of 2004-2005 the average tuition cost in Indiana was $5,847.(Tuition and Fees by Sector and State over Time) Now in the school year 2015-2016 the average college tuition cost at a public university in Indiana is $9,120, (Tuition and Fees by Sector and State over Time) and that increase is not just due to inflation (Douglas-Gabriel). Tuition at the top two Indiana public universities is even higher; Purdue’s tuition and fees are $10,002 (Undergraduate Admissions) while Indiana University’s tuition and fees are $10,388. (Tuition & Fees) Many universities like IU require incoming freshmen to live on campus. Adding room and board to the equation, the cost jumps to a staggering $20,182.(Undergraduate Admissions) That practically doubles the cost of a college education. Is it worth the extra expense to live on campus? College is a monumental transition. Typical incoming freshmen have lived with their parents their entire life, so they have not had all the responsibility that comes with living away from home. To ease the transition college freshmen should live on campus. A dorm provides an environment designed for college freshman, enables students to earn better grades, and is more convenient for students. Cost is one of the main factors people give when deciding whether to live on or off campus, but there is no clear evidence that proves which is more cost efficient.
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