College Education Argument For College

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College Education Argument I can’t believe it! I graduated college with my dream job and I am making $150,000 a year! I am so glad that I made the choice to continue my college education. Paying for school was rough and accepting loans for large amounts had me feeling a little apprehensive, but I made it. I finally graduated college, landed my dream job and now paying back the loans will not be a problem. This is my goal, I will be saying this in the next few years. I originally questioned whether college was worth it, my time and money that is. After thorough research I finally came to the conclusion that college is indeed worth it. When some think of college it can be a little overwhelming. There is so many issues that tie into it that really make you question whether it is worth it, rest assured it is. Some of those issues to considering a college education is; the reality of student loans and how they can affect you, how economics effect college and what the likelihood of landing a job after college actually is. The reality of student loans; there is many positives and negatives towards them, of course most of the time we are lead on to believe that they are bad but in all actuality it just depends on how they are used. When researching about student loans I came across an article from Forbes that was written by Maggie McGrath titled “The Truth About How Student Loans Affect A Graduate’s Life”. The burden of student debt it too severe, economists say which causes
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