College Education Benefits In The Military

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Education Benefits in the Military
College education is not cheap by any means, and without a scholarship or financial aid a college student might be paying thousands of dollars for one degree. This said degree does not guarantee Students a job in the real world. The United States Military can help cover some of the costs of a degree or even completely cover a degree. The military can further one’s education while in the military at no cost. The military has the Montgomery G.I. Bill, the Post 911, and Tuition Assistance programs that will help pay and further ones education.
First, the Montgomery G.I. Bill is an education program that military personnel decide to pay into over a twelve month period for a grand total of $1,200. The Montgomery …show more content…

This program is really beneficial to those who want to go to a very high-cost college campus. This program pays the college in full and also puts cash into one’s pocket on a monthly basis. Cost of living differs around the United States and the military recognizes this and pays accordingly. The Post 911 will also cover online courses, and other courses that will give certifications just like the Montgomery G.I. Bill.
Last, Tuition Assistance (T.A.) is a program used by all military branches to further one’s education at no cost. Military members must talk to his or her chain of command requesting to use T.A. and must show them a degree plan. Each branch and each duty station have different requirements before applying for T.A. The T.A. program is a great program which allows the student to take college courses for free while currently on active duty. However, if the student fails a course, he or she will have to pay for the course in full.
All in all, the United States should support their military to help continue education benefits such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Post 911, and Tuition Assistance for those less

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