College Education For The United States

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College Education for Inmates A contentious issue in the criminal justice field is whether or not free college education should be provided to inmates while they are incarcerated. While some might argue that taxpayers should not be forced to fund these types of programs, others agree that it is extremely beneficial to not only the inmates but also the taxpayers as well. Not only are the inmates the kind of people in society who need education the most, but studies have shown a significant decrease in the recidivism rate of prisoners who participated in educational programs while incarcerated. I agree that California prisons should provide college educational programs to inmates because inmates need education more than ever, it is more financially efficient to provide educational programs, and it significantly reduces the recidivism rate. It is evident that education is the key to successful re-entry into society that most inmates are lacking. In California, entry-level jobs require more education than ever before in where jobs are extremely hard for anyone to find, and it is now more important than ever to incorporate educational programs into prisons. Inmates clearly understand the importance of education in their success once they are released, and it is time to provide them with the skills they need while they are incarcerated. Many inmates grew up in a family and a neighborhood that did not teach them right from wrong but rather reinforced a life of crime.
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