College Education Is A Waste Of Time

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College students should be grateful to their family for the opportunity to go to college
Modern social hierarchy is based on education. Only those who are educated can become successful in the society and achieve significant results. Colleges give a great opportunity for students to receive knowledge useful for their adult live. Common sense seems to dictate that education is a part of our nature and being uneducated means to reject own nature, however there are people, like Mark Hendrickson, who have a totally different point of view. Although Hendrickson not say so directly, he apparently assumes that college education is a waste of time and there is no need to be thankful to own family for providing an opportunity to study at college. Others, like Beth Kneller, insist that college education is very effective for becoming employed and improve own knowledge base. I say, students should be grateful to their family for being able to go to colleges and receive quality education, as it is the only way to achieve success in any aspect of life, including personal life, social life and career.
Firstly, it is needed to understand why education is so important for every human being, and why is it so important for everyone. Everyone knows, that human being is the only creature on the Earth, able to consciously use experience of past generations. Let’s imagine that all books, internet and all information accumulated by hundreds of past generations is not available for us. If such
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