College Education Is More A Choice Than A Necessity

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About a decade or two ago, a college education was considered more so a privilege rather than a right. Today, our society is led to believe that education is more a choice than a necessity. This is primarily why at some point in our lives we face the question, is a college education still worth it? Arguments continually arise that there is no longer the need for it because of the increasing student debts and other life responsibilities that may cause one to drop out. While the counter argument stands strong, research and statistics still prove that a college education will remain far more beneficial than not earning one. The real question is, how can this simple piece of paper change your life? Earning a college degree can give you the…show more content…
As they say, the world is your oyster, what you do with it is up to you. Your time spent in college is the prime time to make connections and interact with a diverse group of individuals who share a common goal. Being around various ethnicities, religions, sexes, etc. helps promote creative thinking, enhances self- awareness, and encourages the expression and collaboration of multiple perspectives besides your own. It gives every individual the chance to articulate and communicate with one another more effectively. Education fine-tunes your verbal as well as your written skills. Since communication is a skill that’s used in every aspect of life, the ability to converse clearly, and persuasively will help not only land the perfect job, but also enhance one’s interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances. A college graduate earns a higher income compared to those who only have a high school diploma or less. It is evident that with education, comes knowledge. The more acclimated we are to seek knowledge, the better success we achieve. Many will argue that the degree is not worth the debt one will accumulate. If managed wisely, though, a college degree will not only prove to be more beneficial, but in the end will also make us more prosperous financially. “Adults with a college degree estimated, on average, that they earn $20,000 a year more because of having achieved a degree.
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