College Education Is More A Choice Than A Necessity

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About a decade or two ago, a college education was considered more so a privilege rather than a right. Today, our society is led to believe that education is more a choice than a necessity. This is primarily why at some point in our lives we face the question, is a college education still worth it? Arguments continually arise that there is no longer the need for it because of the increasing student debts and other life responsibilities that may cause one to drop out. While the counter argument stands strong, research and statistics still prove that a college education will remain far more beneficial than not earning one. The real question is, how can this simple piece of paper change your life? Earning a college degree can give you the feeling of self-worth, satisfaction, and security. It is the time in our lives to make connections that will not only last you a lifetime, but can also help you create a pathway towards a successful career. Studies prove that with higher education, comes a higher income. And with that, an important legacy can be passed onto your children and their future families.
A college education will always hold a higher value in society. After all, it is something you invest in with your tears, sweat, heart, and soul. It is something only you can do for yourself, and something that no one can take away from you. It is, without a doubt, a major life achievement. It brings out a sense of self-satisfaction, self worth as well as the never-ending thirst to…
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