College Education Is The Best Time Of A Person 's Life

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Having a college education is considered a must for success in the real world and it is an archaic and much believed thought that college education is associated with a successful life. College education is a necessity for living up to the standards of the world and is necessary for shaping a literate and well-informed society. College teaches people things that the real world will probably not hence it becomes obligatory that after passing high school, students need to obtain a college degree. Where there are many people who disagree with the concept of having a college degree and spending a fortune on college education because it has nothing to do with success, there are others who willfully agree that college is undoubtedly the best time of a person’s life and college teaches lessons that one carries with them all lifelong.
There are two sides of the argument; in favor of college education and one that goes against it. Those that oppose college are people who feel that it is burden and waste of economic resources and it needs to be skipped out from the lives of the people who need to get acquainted with the real world as soon as they can because college life and education are a loud cry from reality and it doesn’t really help when it comes to obtaining a good occupation or even the part of making it through the three-four years of college. The opponents of college education point out various issues related to college teaching as well as the teachers and the students.

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