College Education Is Worth The Time And Debt

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A college degree is the trajectory to the growing jobs in today’s economic and global society. The future competitive job market will require workers to have earned more than a high school diploma. A college education is the only path to preparing graduates to meet the future demands in the labor market. This outlook puts tremendous pressure on high school graduates to attend college. With the rising costs of tuition, lack of financial assistance, and the reduction in state and local support of institution, students and families will be left with the responsibility to fund their own college education. This dilemma will leave countless students wondering if they should attend college, and if college is worth the debt? Before making a decision, students should research the costs, institutions, potential majors, financial aid, and future labor earnings. These are some of the factors that should be considered when examining whether or not a college education is worth the time and debt. The more informed students are about the costs of college, the more apt they are to make the best decision. Oreopouls and Petronijevic (2013), conceded that students who are well informed about postsecondary education are able to make the right decision about their college education. The federal government finances 90% of student loans in the United States. Have you ever wondered why? Well, they back these loans because, the more educated a society, then the less crime and health

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