College Education Should Not Be Free

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I argue that college education should not be free. While the cost of entering college for further study is really huge, many argue that college education should be free to prove everyone a chance to get a bright future especially for the poor, and some also wonder that going to college means going to success, they blame their failures to lacing of college educations . I disagree with these ideas and I insist college education should not be free because in the end, someone will pay salaries of professors, books, maintenance of campuses, whoever the one is, these costs can not be avoid. In addition, making college free would decrease the number of workers who do labor jobs and the number of people who tend to be occupied in mental works will increase, which might make these kinds of job more competitive. It is not feasible to make college education really free. Nothing in life is free. If people are not going to pay their college tuitions, then there must be someone else will be forced to. Colleges need money to hire qualified professors to give lectures, buy books for students, hire workers to build buildings. Every single thing needs money, if students who are going to study in college don’t pay their tuitions, it might be government, to afford these costs. Where dose government get money from? Taxpayers. It means if students don’t pay their college tuitions, then taxpayers are going to pay for them. I think it is unfair and even cruel. For those students who pay their
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