College Education, Society, And The Future

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Education, Society, and The Future

One can easily distinguish whether a person has received a college degree or not. The difference might not be spotted at the moment, but it can be clearly recognized with more time spent beside the person. Confidence, satisfaction, sophistication, and economic power are some of the attributes that can differentiate an uneducated person from another. Having that said, college education does in fact change and affect a person’s health, economic power, and moral values.

College education alleviates a person’s health in undeniable ways. There are several articles about the constant and important correlation between formal education and distinct health consequences, such as life expectancy, smoking, drugs, and alcohol, as well as the reduction of many diseases. The most part of these articles emphasize that educated people are healthier, fitter, and stronger than uneducated ones. This connection is so ubiquitous that following a analysis of the health literature, Mirowsky and Ross (page 6) determine, “education has an enduring, consistent, and growing effect on health.”

Extensive development studies also categorize a substantial positive connection between escalating education and populace wellbeing; yet several, particularly the initial ones, did not regulate other elements, for example economic growth, which could also be related to improved health. As a result, it is commonly advised that the relationship amid growing education and
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