College Education : What Is The Purpose Of College

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What is the purpose of college? Today's society people believe college is meant to become financially successful. However, others believe college is meant for self development. Some people think college will help an individual be financially successful because they are able to learn the proper skill and knowledge for a dream job. While other people think college is meant for self development because they discover their strengths and weaknesses. I believe college is a place to gain knowledge and skill because it will lead to a successful career. The importance of college is the significant amount of opportunities accessible for college graduates such as, feeling secure with a stable income, earning great benefits, feeling more satisfied with a job, getting better job opportunities and not suffering from unemployments. Additionally, a college degree allows a person to obtain more money with a stable income. White points out data from the New York Fed, “college graduates earn 80 percent more than their peers who didn’t attend, or didn’t finish, undergrad—and they’re also less likely to wind up unemployed than those who didn't go to college.” (White). Those with a college education are normally the ones that get offered promotions, while those without a college degree. For the most part, a college education often helps a graduate to stand out among other job seeking individuals that are applying for the same position. Despite how expensive it is to get a degree, the amount of
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