College English Course Analysis

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a college English class is great deal of reading and paperwork. In a typical English class I expect lengthy reading assignments and a ton of writing, but for this course, I expect to accomplish more than just reading stories and writing essays based on them. In this course I expect to acquire the literary skills that would enable and enhance my abilities to read, write and think at a college level. Majority of college English courses utilize a foundation of critical thinking skills and reading comprehension. Taking this course should improve my overall writing ability and broaden my perspective as a creative writer.
In my previous English and Literature classes, I’ve read many poetries and stories which have improved my reading comprehension and helped me learn more on how to analyze texts. I had trouble in fully analyzing and interpreting texts and identifying important details when performing close readings. I hope this course will greatly improve this part of my
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In my past classes I’ve practiced writing analysis essays and paragraphs based on close readings and I’ve had trouble focusing on a narrow topic for my paper. My thesis for my papers was good but never clear/strong enough to fully support my argument. The supporting details I had for my papers were acceptable but didn’t always focus on my main topic. I expect this course to improve my writing skills – writing in the proper format and having well-argued information with strong evidence/supporting details. In additional to writing papers, this course should aid me to cite and quote the proper way. In a few classes I’ve taken, I had to write a research essay and for this class I want to compose a well-supported research essay (Idk how to explain that I want this research essay better than all the rest). At the end of this course I want to be able to write an essay without having any
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