College English Writing Errors and Analysis

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College English Writing Errors and Analysis

English writing is important for the achievement of native-like competence, but for most Chinese learners who study English as a foreign language , English writing is difficult to learn. In order to see how hard English writing are handled by Chinese English learners, an attempt made in this paper to examine the following two questions: 1) what are the types and characteristics of Chinese English major college students’ English writing errors? 2) what are the possible causes of these errors?
Data for this study come from a questionnaire investigation conducted among Chinese English majors in Zhejiang University and literature research.
The major findings are as follows: The number of
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Specific examples are as follows: case of 1: Thank you for your invite. [Invitation] case of 2: I'm pleased to receive [accept] your invitation. case of 3: We will visit [ the] Great Wall, [the] Summer Palace with you. case of 4: I and you will visit the Forbidden City with you. part of speech error means the root word correctly but the wrong parts of speech. In the case of a will "invite" the verb form of "invite" a noun "invitation" to use. The student's writing and translation exercises in similar parts of speech can often be found error, such as "success" of the verb "succeed" do a lot of "success" with. Translated from the Chinese point of view, no use of the wrong word, but the form of point of view, useless to correct these errors because the roots are used by content words derived form, in essence, the students ignored the content words in English in different parts of speech suffix features. Some of these errors are generated due to language transfer, that the error caused by the learners native language, such as Chinese, the "invitation" of the verb and noun forms of the same students as the impact of Chinese language habits did not choose Part of Speech consciousness, habitually think of English words no matter what part of speech, form the same; still others are wrong or incomplete target language to learning, sometimes because no solid basic skills in English language, the word memory is not full, so the word is also misspelled common.

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