College Essay About Giving Back

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Giving back can have a huge impact on someones life. Not only is it making you feel good but you are also making someone else feel good. When it comes down to it others may not understand how our information for school now is being given to us with our new technology vs. back then when we had to find the right book that held the right information. The time I was able to give back was back in high school. My goal was not only to better myself but to better other kids educations. So by doing that I had to see where they were at in their learning stages of education and put my two sense into helping better that. I noticed a lot of hands on skills from the kids I’m just that way too that's how I learn as well as seeing it being done. I grew up having a learning disability in…show more content…
I was able to do this with different classmates who also had the same desire to give back. So just being able to relate with them was a good feeling. This went on for two years I couldn't have had it any other way. People might find it to be a bit “Crazy” just aside from the fact that its kids. It wasn't like that for me but in order for anyone to understand they would have to take a walk in my shoes and experience the things I did. How this experience changed me it was helping me with putting myself out there and trying something new. We all have fears that we eventually will have to overcome I never saw myself having an impact on anyone the way I did with these kids and the teachers too. I would be all for doing something like this again. So with all that being said the way I see it lives were changed as well as our minds and how we view things. You are never to old or to young to want to help out and teach somebody something and give them that chance of a life changing experience. Who knows how far it will take not only them but you to in
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