College Essay About Soccer

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Soccer was developed in London famed Newgate Prison in the early 1800’s. Prisoners who had their hand cut off for crimes of theft came up with a sport that used only the feet. The game spread from there. The word “Soccer” originated as a slang abbreviation of the word “association”. Soccer is called “football” in most other countries. Soccer is known worldwide, it is one of the world’s most popular team sports. If you follow these pieces of information you will become a successful soccer player. To begin with, there are four main positions goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and attacker. Three or four defenders, known as fullbacks, are the last line of defense before the goal. Midfield is comprised of three or four halfbacks, which must defend the goal and be on the offense. Attacking positions are called forwards, and teams usually employ two, three, or four forwards. Wingers the outside forwards and midfielders who play on the…show more content…
If a referee gives a player a red card he/she is ejected from the game and not allowed to continue to play. There must be 11 players on the field at a time and that includes the goalie. There cannot be any pushes from behind, no elbows purposely jabbed into a player, no kicks above the head, and many more. It is best to just follow the rules.
Furthermore, 1855 marked the event in the development in the soccer ball. The first round soccer ball was, by a man named Charles Goodyear. Prior to that soccer balls were not totally round. Until 1908, soccer balls were made from the inflated stomach tissue of executed Irish prisoners, and pig bladders. In China Soccer balls were made from sewn clothing that was filled with rubber. Today most of the balls are made from layers of synthetic leather while the bladders inside the balls are made from latex or butyl. Soccer balls weigh about 14lbs and
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