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College and Career Search Filmmaking When I was a kid I loved to watch movies with my mom, our favorite was Little Miss Sunshine. With Abigail Breslin as the little girl, Paul Dano her brother, Steve Carell as her uncle that moved in with her and her family, Alan Arkin as her grandfather, and Toni Collette as her mother and Greg Kinnear as her fatphobic father. As the years progressed I started to fall in love with old classic movies, Then I started to enjoy documentaries about almost anything, and now I have found a new love for short films. So when it came to picking a career that I knew would would that filmmaking would be the career for me. When you think of a filmmaker you think of someone that is filming the movie or someone that…show more content…
Take out any awkward pauses and anything that may have gone wrong during the filming process. The film editor 's job is the most important they pick the right time to bring in the suspenseful music in a horror film, they are the people that in charge of the flash backs, and many other things. Film go through multiple editing processes. First is Editors cut, An editor 's cut is normally the first pass of what the final film will be when it reaches picture lock. The film editor usually starts working while principal photography starts. Likely, prior to cutting, the editor and director will have seen and discussed "dailies" (raw footage shot each day) as shooting progresses. none of the work i n What is the process like in editing a movie? after the movie has been taken to the film editor and edited to the simplest form, it then goes through the director 's cut. the editors mainly takes out all the unnecessary things and they leave a lot of room for the director to take his vision on from there. the Director will find moments where he wants to change the shot and move things around so him and the editor go over the whole movies together. when going through the director 's cut a lot of the time this is when the director will personally find theses things called “Plot holes” this means that sometime here is a missing segment that is important to the understanding of the movie. when do the director 's cut it allows the director to find
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