College Essay : College And College

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Tatyanna Stewart
Dominique Dieffenbach
English Composition I
26 Oct 2015
Highschool Vs. College In the time that I have been in college, I have seen that more freedom is allowed to students in college than highschool. Of cousre, college is a lot better than high school, but with that it comes more responsibility. College let 's the students choose their choices, such as their schedule, attendence and class selection. College there is less restricted than highschool. In highschool, the dresscode is very important, much more than college. College students can wear whatever they feel like wearing to any class they have. In college, we have professor, but than in highschool they have teachers. In highschool, your teachers will constantly refresh the standards of due dates, upcoming tests and quizzes. In college, once the professor list the dates on the course syallbus, she believes that the students are comptent of attaining information on their very own, instead of constantly reminding them. In highschool, teachers keep a watch on your progress and will contact your family if your grades are lack of failure. Meanwhile, in college professor may be alert of the progress but expect students to state discusssion about their particular grade, which can be done during the professor 's office hours. In highschool, students who are having a hard time can get extra credit for completing the assigment to improve their overall grade. In college, if your having a hard times students…

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