College Essay : College Societal Problems

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College Societal Problems Since the birth of the first ever college institution in Athens, Greece society’s view of college and the college life has changed drastically. College issues are being brought into attention on a much larger scale than ever before. For example, shows all over the United States are turning college into a comedy, making college seem like a joke when it is becoming increasingly more important every day to have a college degree in order to get a decent/good paying job. Many shows and movies portray college in a very negative way exaggerating all the partying, drugs, and time not spent in class or actually studying. They aim to uncover the problems with college sports and how kids are beginning to focus more on what they do on the field rather than how they excel in the classroom. Although plenty of students struggle with the balancing act of athletics and education, there are also plenty of students who are great examples of how to balance out the two and prosper in the classroom. Although some colleges around the country are known for partying, that is not what defines them, and many of them are still great schools to attend to obtain a degree. For example, in the popular television series known as Blue Mountain State they portray college in a negative, unrealistic way by exaggerating partying, sex, drugs, alcohol abuse, and idea of “football over everything,” giving a negative view of college life and/or college students. For most people, when

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