College Essay On Ankle Injury

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The whistle blows, and the crowd stands and cheers as the soccer game comes to a close. Martin limps off the field as he looks down at his swollen ankle. He can barely stand up, but he could not care less about his injury. All that matters to him is the victory. His team made history by advancing to the fourth round of the playoffs. He found a way to push through the pain and win. Martin was left with a sense of euphoria as he celebrated with his teammates. This all started one Thursday morning in late May. Martin woke up bright and early to get ready for school. He had a big playoff game later that night. There was only one problem though. Martin had an ankle injury. He had sprained his right ankle a few days ago in another game by getting…show more content…
His team needed him to play, so he did not care. John went over last minute plays with the team before the game in the locker room. Martin was looking over at the nearly packed stadium, which surprised him because no one usually attends soccer games. This made him nervous but also filled him with adrenaline. The whole first half of the game Martin struggled to cope with his injury. His team was also struggling to break Aiken High School's defense. At half time John tried to inspire his team in the locker room. He went to talk to Martin to see if he could continue playing. Martin told him he was not going to sit out and asked the trainer to ice his ankle again. Second half kicked off, and the rain started to come down, which was making the game harder to play due to the wet surface. Even though there were many setbacks, Martin was still determined to win. His team needed to break the 0-0 scoreline. Most of the second half was held scoreless until the last minute when Martin’s teammate Paul crossed him the ball. Martin fought and jumped over two Aiken defenders to head the ball into the net. A sense of joy filled Martin as the crowd started cheering. He ran to celebrate with his team. All of a sudden the whistle blew, and the game ended. Martin helped his team make history. As he looked out at crowd, Martin realized this was one of the happiest moments in his
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