College Essay On Becoming A Nurse

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When I was younger, I remember our teachers asking us what we wanted to be when we grew up, so I would respond that I wanted to be a nurse. Becoming a nurse was always my goal for my future self. During my Sophomore year of high school, we were given the choice of different college dual credit classes, one being LVN. When I realized that I had this choice to join a program that would benefit me in achieving my childhood goal and would help me advance in that career, I immediately accepted. I am currenting finishing my last few months for LVN, but once I’m done, I will become a member in the medical field. As you study to become an LVN, some educational requirements you may need can include either attending a full time 1-year program or 2-year part time program, or a high school diploma (Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Concepts, Connections, & Skills: Second Edition) Having hands-on experience related-to-in-job work like doing hours at your local clinic or hospital, and in some cases, having an associate’s degree which for your associate’s you need to complete some basic classes necessary to enter the program, for example…show more content…
I was not required to attend these classes because the program was supported as a dual credit class in my high school so all that was recommended of me was to take my TSI exam and see if my percentages in the results allowed me to start in the program, which they did, with me barely passing the mathematics portion with a 60%. (“How To Become a Licensed Vocational Nurse”) To become successful in your career, having the knowledge on the skills that are required can help improve your work ethic, which will help you become a better nurse and a better you. Some skills required as an LVN include: compassion, empathy, patience and emotional stability, which can help during times when one must face working with a dying child or chronically ill
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