College Essay On Cosplay

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In New York, there is something spectacular. Every fall, approximately one hundred and thirty thousand people gather under one roof to celebrate the largest and most exciting pop-convention on the East Coast. Featuring hundreds of booths and panels on television, movies, video games, anime, manga, graphic novels, comics, and collectables New York Comic Con has yet to disappoint. At many conventions across the nation, “cosplay” is a staple piece. Cosplay, short for costume play, is a type of performance art where people outfit themselves with elaborate costumes and accessories to become their favorite characters. While the practice originated in Japan, by the early 90’s it gained traction in North America and is now present at almost every comic-convention. Heading to NYCC has always been an event within itself. Occasionally, you’ll see Wario or a Norse God (fellow cosplayers) on the subway. On your way to the Javits Center, you may notice an increasing density of people decked out in extravagant costumes while headed the direction. Some will cruise down the streets in a DeLorean DMC-12 donning a Doc Brown wig. The convention center itself is surrounded by these types. Powered blue and neon green heads mix in with the usual sea of brown, red, and yellow. Everything from…show more content…
Finally old enough to work I knew I would have to to help my mother with bills, but when I realized there would be money left over I knew I could fulfill my desire to cosplay. Creating my costume, I cherished every detail. The color of the thread, the type of stitch, specialized needles, stretch-fabric capacity, fabric-light reflection, pinning technique, measuring slack, seam correction… if you knew all of this you would have been able to create a sleeve. It was so much fun. Knowing that it was the result of my own months of effort, research, and investment I was proud; despite the flaws I made in its
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