College Essay On Determination

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I believe in determination, which is what helps me conquer even the hardest obstacles in life. I have come to find that I am most determined when it comes to school; pushing myself beyond the limits. For example, each year at my school, I am given the task of picking out the classes I want to take. This seems like a simple task; however, I am determined to push myself past the requirements. As this one sheet of paper sits in front of me, I sweat about how I will get through my tougher classes and balance my activities after school. That’s when my determination kicks in. I put in my headphones, listen to “Determinate” by Lemonade Mouth, and then I learn how to take life’s obstacles step by step and eventually fulfill all my simple and tough…show more content…
In 7th grade, I joined Speech, just like all the other Indian kids in the community. The first tournament I got up to speak, I remember the judge looking directly at me; their eyes seemed to pierce through my core. Hands shaking, bile gathering in my throat, and almost tripping, I walked up to the front. I began giving my speech and before I knew it, I was done. It didn’t seem that bad after I started talking and I was sure I could place. Well, I rarely won anything throughout all my middle school years, and when I did, I got dead last from the top 8. I know, it’s disappointing. Most people would think about quitting with such a low success rate, but I came back 9th grade. After picking myself up, I was determined to change my success story. I ended up getting 3rd at state in 9th and 10th grade. In fact, I got first for speaking at state student congress too. I used my determination to push through my rough, intimidated self and accomplish my goals. Now, not only did my determination make this my favorite activity, but it also gave confidence while public speaking. Determination doesn’t just kick in for school and school related activities, but even the little aspects of life. I was determined to bug my parents for a car, determined to not eat Ramen noodles for my health, and determined to finish this essay. I set my heart into each activity I
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