College Essay On Heroes

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fictional or nonfictional. Maybe a hero is a child or possibly an ordinary person. People can also have multiple heroes. Whenever, I think of my current hero Mrs. Erin comes to mind. She’s caring, respectful, and heartwarming.
Sometimes in life a hero can commit multiply acts of kindnesses.
Mrs. Erin thought many of her students on how to act for themselves and do what’s right.
She bought her class new books and took them to field trips. She also took them out to eat and showed them the meaning for caring for each other no matter the race or religion. Mrs. Erin showed in many ways how much she really cared about her students. She even got the school board to allow her to teach her students through
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Erin always gave her student respect on how to get along with one another. She even came up with this gamed called “the line game”. The game is about the truth of the questions she asks and the students step on the line if they had done it or experience it. She tried mays ways to make her students become more interested in school. She came up with one assignment to write in a journal about anything but to write something. The assignment gave her many respects from her students by her realizing what the students go through in life outside of school. Mrs. Erin is such a heartwarming person by putting others before her. She got a class of students who didn’t care about school to wanting to learn and get along with one another. She even paid for attention to her students then her husband and got two jobs. Mrs. Erin read the journals and was shocked on what her student have been through. Knowing their past she want them to be the first one to graduate in their families form high school and not die in such a young age by the gang life they live in. She did so much for her students that she even got her dad to help her with giving her students rides for the field trips. She loved her students as they loved her and respected
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