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Professional Makeup Artist Are you interested in makeup? You’re really good at it or even don't know much about it but want to learn and/or extend your education in the makeup industry? Makeup is like a different type of art. It's amazing how cosmetic products can change the way a person looks, going from no makeup to a gorgeous glam look. Seeing someone's confidence boost up and making them feel even more beautiful is what amazes me. I chose this career because ever since I was little I would watch my older sisters do their makeup, it fascinated me. I started off by grabbing my sisters or my mom’s makeup when they weren't home. I would try to do exactly what I would watch them do, it wasn’t great at all. They would make fun of me and call me a clown but I didn't care, I loved it. As I grew older, my mom would let me watch videos on the computer. I would go to YouTube and watch makeup tutorials. I wished I could have all the makeup in the world but I was too young to even work. I had to beg my mom to buy me makeup or even give me her old makeup that she did not use. She always told me I looked beautiful without makeup and I didn't need it but there was something about makeup that I loved. I grew older and older and started getting better and better. I even started my own collection of makeup.…show more content…
Students must attend an approved program for at least 140 days of instruction. The minimum age requirement that students must meet is 16.5 years old. Idaho also requires that individuals have completed the 10th grade before receiving a license. There are two exams that are administered by the state and that individuals must pass in order to receive a makeup artistry license. The cost of a makeup artistry license is $57 in the state. While these requirements may seem strict, you will have time in your makeup artistry program to develop the knowledge needed to pass the state exams.”
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