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Peer review
As an American we have the right to exercise freedom of speech and I believe that freedom of speech is one of the most valuable rights we have, and I have not been able to exercise this right for the last 18 years of my life. I am most fortunate to be able to exercise this right in my English 1102 class during peer reviews. In my opinion, people learn best by teaching than they do by listening to the teacher and I believe peer reviews work the same way. When I was engaged in peer views, I learned more from my own writing than I ever have been reading my own reviews. I feel this is true because we are engaging in reading over another classmate’s paper, and offering our advice that could potentially improve their essays. For our first peer review our teacher gave us a list of guidelines to go by in order to do the most efficient job in peer review. It
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The number 6 represented the question, How did style and subject interact. The number 1 represented “What questions has the essay left unsaid, and the number 10 says does the title reflect the theme of tenor of the essay’s concern. The second task of the assignment was to Perform at least three of the following tasks. I used 2, 13, and 9. Number 2 told me to rewrite the essay’s thesis in my own words. Number 13 told me to write in a short paragraph why the author’s essay was worth reading, and number 9 told me to note the most memorable, and to explain why. I chose to perform this specific task because it showed positive feedback, and complimented the writer on what he did well, and I believe that in order to provide great feedback you must have positive remarks to emphasis as well. I believed it was the most efficient way to peer review by having a set of
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