College Essay On Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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A quote that has propelled me through my high school endeavors is “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.” This quote stands out to me because today in society it sometimes appears people experiencing challenge or defeat are too quick to succumb to the realities of their hardships. While it can be easy for one to take self-pity on themselves during challenging times, it is vital for someone facing hardship to persevere like I have and will do by taking a challenging class schedule, acting as an intern in a political campaign, and working arduously in college to get into law school.

I feel proud to have challenged myself with numerous honors and Advanced Placement courses including AP chemistry, AP United States history, and AP Calculus throughout high school. These rigorous courses have at times provided a struggle for myself. I wouldn’t consider myself too spectacular in the fields of science and math, but I wanted to take these higher level classes because I wanted to challenge myself. At times I struggled with anxiety and wanted to drop the classes, but I persevered through and just studied more. My commitment to my coursework is evident through the different academic distinctions I have earned such as ranking within the top ten of my class, earning an Ivy Tech Core 30 Diploma, academic all-state honorable mention for tennis, and receiving a four on the AP United States history exam.
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This fall I had the privilege of being able to serve as an intern for a local candidate running for state representative. I knew from the beginning that I had a daunting task ahead of me, as it is usually difficult to defeat an incumbent. I rose to the challenge despite the clear obstacles and dedicated myself one hundred percent to the efforts of the campaign.
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