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College will be a major change for me; in all likelihood, it will probably be the most significant transformation I will experience. It will be a time of growth and learning. In order to adapt to these many changes I hope to mature both emotionally and spiritually. In doing so, I will influence those around me and the community as a whole. I anticipate that my life experiences will prove to be valuable to me and to those I come into contact with.
     I have had many challenges to overcome thusfar. I’ve had problems with family members, with girls, with friends, but most significantly, problems with myself. I have made the wrong decisions and I have had trouble realizing what is important to me. I now
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I also am very well aware of the challenges that face college freshmen that range from choosing what classes to take to whether or not to abuse alcohol and drugs. I have two brothers at major universities and have learned from their successes, challenges, and shortcomings. I have participated in student government and conflict management and bring a unique perspective to every situation. I am also very aware that much of the education I will receive at Gonzaga will not necessarily occur in the classroom. I foresee that the experiences I have had in my life will positively influence those around me. I have a diverse background and have learned that acceptance of others is a giant step toward acceptance of yourself. I have volunteered in my community at the food bank and I hope to continue volunteer work while attending college. I also intend to participate in church activities and continue my spiritual growth. But, whatever God calls me to do or to be in life, whatever occupation I have, wherever I go, I will do it with compassion and help others to the best of my ability.
     As one can see, there are many changes I can and will make when college begins. Because I will meet the challenges I face in college, I will graduate a different person, and I am anxiously awaiting this transformation to adulthood and to the ever-changing life thereafter. However, there is one thing that will

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