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The Question of Life
“Why” is the question I was obsessed with at age two. “Why is the sky blue, why are we going to the store, why can I not have candy, why, why, why?” I must have driven my parents and nanny insane. As I grew up, this same question came up in more complex ways. Why can we use only ten percent of our brain, why are people striving to be “normal” when everyone is so different, why are specific subjects more interesting to learn about than others? I know I do not have answers to all these questions, but school and life allow me to explore them.
Before I went to school, Jenny, my nanny, watched my sister and me while my parents were at work. She took us to a co-op with a smoothie stand which made the best, creamiest strawberry
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This led me to explore questions about myself. “Why does soccer come easier to some people than others, why do people react differently when they make mistakes, why can some people build up strength faster than others?” As a goalkeeper in soccer, I have learned how to be confident. When I was younger, and a goal was scored against me, I would blame myself and say the goal was all my fault. Now, I have learned it is a team game and everyone could have done something differently to prevent a goal. In addition, I have learned there are shots that just cannot be saved and everyone makes mistakes. Similarly, I have learned that being different is perfectly acceptable and even beneficial. I have always been a little different from others, especially when it comes to soccer. Most people do not like being a goalkeeper because soccer balls are kicked at their faces and they have to dive head first toward someone’s feet. My mother hates this part of soccer and gasps nervously every time there is a possibility of me being hurt. Additionally, soccer has taught me how to work well with others. We win as a team and lose as a team. I have been a part of several different teams, which has taught me that everyone has amazing qualities to
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