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Developmental Milestones Ryan Hogan Sacred Heart University For a seven-year-old child, this is a time for when they experience huge developmental changes and their learning process starts to grow intensively. This is where we will see the child in their second year of school, it is a crucial time for noticing red flags that can hint to developmental delays. A developmental change that can be seen is fine motor. Fine motor refers, “to the movements we make with small muscles of the hands” (School Aged Developmental Milestones, n.d.). When we are looking at a seven-year-old child, who is probably in second grade, they will be using these fine motor skills in tasks such as, writing inside the lines, cutting paper and staying on the…show more content…
One of the most important skills a 7-year-old child can learned is the basics of school. This is including math, reading, language, and how to play with others. Language at this point is still a little shaky, with basic understanding of opposite analogies and simple terms. They should have also conquered, “s-z, r, voiceless th, ch ,wh and soft g” (Language Development In Children, 2015). Learning language mostly comes from reading, so reading different books is important at this age. They are on a reading level in which they are sounding out letters and words and looking at pictures for understanding of unknown content (Language Development In Children, 2015). This age is usually seen reading books which they already know the story line. They will also question what they are learning, trying to get a better understanding of what they are reading. When it comes to basic math they are able to complete simple subtracting and adding numbers who sum is in the teens or less, usually numbers under 10. (Education, n.d.). School setting is also a place for children to begin to socialize with other others their own age. They like to tell each other stories, and act out story telling situations. This is also the age where they start learning how to share and how to talk in groups. They should be aware of what is right and what is wrong, even though they might still choose
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