College Essay : Should Community College Should Be Free?

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The debate of whether community college should be free or not has been going on for many years. For the most part, many students have been able to have free education even if the are low income or high income. Most students are able to have equal educational opportunity to be able to learn for around 12 years. If it has been going on for 12 years, then why not make higher education free as well. In the article written by Joanne Jacobs titled, “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea” discusses the main arguments on whether Obama’s plan of making community college free plan can be a benefit or a waste of money. Community college offers the ability to be able to finish one’s first 2 years of their general general education plan at a free or reduced price compared to completing general ed a a 4 year institution. Community college should be free because it allows lower income students the ability to have their tuition paid as well as their books and it allows students to be able to earn their bachelor's at a better rate. Making community college free will be able to support lower income students ability to have their tuition paid and in most cases their books as well. Most people know than most of the time, money can be a very big barrier in being able to continue one’s path of higher education. For dedicated students who want to be able to continue their education but yet can not afford the tuition of a 4 year institution or sometimes a 2 year
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