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In my years growing up with multiple in-groups and conforming to many identities, it has been difficult learning to be myself in a world in which some people wish I wouldn’t. Early in my childhood, my parents always looked at others who looked like me and told me that they were beneath me and I could always do much better. Why? These people were mostly African Americans. Though most stereotypes associated with African Americans are perceived to be from non-African Americans, this is not the case. There are many events that led me to my college journey and I ultimately found myself at North Carolina State University. A Predominantly White Institution. Though I was forced to choose this college, it does not mean I love it any less. However, the experiences that I have encountered being an African American at a Predominantly White Institution have been life changing. Growing up in Miami, Florida and having a diversity family background as close as my parents, I have encountered an array of diversity in my lifetime. My grandmother being Jamaican and my mother being Bahamian is just the early parts of me getting to know unfamiliar accents. Though this was my background, my mother and father kept me for growing up around unfortunate neighborhoods and people. My mother particularly always preached to me how I shouldn’t be like them. My mother was so serious about me growing up fortunate that her and my father moved my entire family to North Carolina. Little did I know, I would

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