College Exposure Benefits

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There are many important factors a college uses to help raise and expand its Campus. To do this, the college needs exposure in which it gets its name out there and known makes people want to know more about them. Next thing it needs is good financial revenue that’s steady helps funding and sponsorships to keep coming in to help them create more for the students. They need to have high-quality students and teachers so it helps boost the solidness of they’re school. Having a successful athletics program is the major impact for this reason because it can pick up in all the areas giving the college exposure, revenue and boosting the student population helping the college grow positively.
When a college has a successful athletics team they get national exposure, but not only do they get that they get international as well. With this, the college has a lot to go off of from all the attention people start to notice the school and its success. They want to know who they are, what they’re about, and where they come from. Everyone wants them on their cover of their magazine, in their commercials, wants to be a part of what they have going on. It helps build a fan base around the world, over the past few years Wichita State had an increasing fan base overseas especially in Asia. They had a fan fly all the way from Asia to here in the U.S
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Once a so many students apply they can only accept a certain number of newly enrolled students, they then make the college a more selective school. Once a college becomes more selective it attracts higher student and faculty. Wichita State since their high profiled history-making success in 2014 being the first to go 30-0 then going to the final four had a tremendous boost in enrollment applications going from 2,874 to 5,120 the following
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