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College “college” what easily come up to your mind when we hear this word there are so many neither things nor questions coming up to my mind. Questions that I do want to know the answers. When I reached one of the best things in my life being a teenager, I saw the best things in my life being a teenager, I saw that everything has changed. All are interesting and exciting to explore. There are several stages in tertiary level, first year or what we called freshmen, second year/sophomore third year/junior and the last one, fourth year or being a senior. I experience being a first year student and it was amazing, this time I am out the stage of second year level. I discovered a lot of things handsome boys pretty girls that I want to…show more content…
Always remember “no man is an island” NO one can stand alone by herself. Furthermore there’s the second thing I want being a college student the feeling of being in love. In love with the person when you love too. By the way love that person, some people can’t avoid themselves criticizing you and making issues that can affect your life. This was the story: she loved the guy for a non-sense person she change the guy make use of it to hide the true reason to that. The lady cried because, we all know that it hurts, it really hurts! But the word puppy love is the first two words that came to my mind of the lady. She’s too young and smart so, she can experience new things coming from her way. That was her aim. After that, she faces the world single and free. And with the confidence guts that she can reach her goals. The main point is there is no need to hurry up things. Our wish and dream will come at the right place and right time. So it’s our decision to make our choices Youth we can make it. Though there’s such trouble that we are or that we can meet someday all we need is to make it to be the top. Just make our best to live life happy and enjoy COLLEGE LIFE! Our life is too short .don’t wasted it instead give true to think up things. Never give up trying the experience will make us believe to the true meaning of life. A long constriction of worthlessness

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