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There is a serious inequality in the world today. Groups that put “blood, sweat, and tears” into their cause, day after day, have once again been excluded from what they want most. That is, of course, the college football playoff. The playoffs, which have only been in effect for two years, has already led to controversial decisions on which four teams to include in the games. There needs to be an expansion in the college football playoff to give the lower ranked teams a chance to show their worth, promote equality between conferences, and prepare athletes for professional football. This expansion will also help lead to a more equal and intriguing post season experience for teams and fans. First, some background information on the college football…show more content…
Once the most elite in college go on to play in the pros, they will be playing in a sixteen game season. Why then are they only playing fourteen games in college? If the college football playoffs were expanded, each team admitted would play an additional two games added on to their fourteen game seasons. This would help athletes to better understand the shape they will need to be in if they make it to the pros, and allow scouts to see how they will hold up in a sixteen game season. Scouts will then be able to make a more informed decision on who they want playing on their team. Information like this would help lower the amount of “duds”, or players that many people anticipate to do good, and play poorly. The elimination of these players would make for a more talented, and more entertaining, professional football league, and improve the level of excellence collegiate athletes would need to keep in order to play in the professional…show more content…
A main reason they think this is that by doing so, teams that are not deserving of the college football playoffs would be allowed in. They have a point in that some years, there truly are only four or five teams that have a sufficient resume to battle for the trophy. But there are more often years where there are anywhere from seven to twelve teams that are close in ability. Although it would be most fair to change the amount of teams allowed to play from year to year, this would never happen with the preparation the NCAA has to make. The benefit of the doubt must then go to the larger amount of teams, as it is the most fair in all cases. It would be most beneficial to allow the bigger group of teams in the years there are enough, and have to fill the years there is not. This will also make for more entertaining games to watch at the close of the season. As this shows, the benefits to this system outnumber the negatives. Expansion of the college football playoff is necessary because it gives the lower ranked teams a chance to show their worth, promotes equality between conferences, and prepares athletes for game play in professional football. It will also allow more entertainment for fans, and a more exciting post season experience. Let's now come together and end this terrible inequality happening in our own country, and bring peace to college football fans
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